What do our warnings mean?


  • Please note due to oxidisation the blue sweet iron will fade with use.

Moving parts wear

  • Mouthpieces that have joints will wear over time. Check your Bombers Bit before use, send us a image if you would like it to be assessed. Brass is a soft metal and will wear quicker over time.
  • Joints should be regularly checked – single joints, double joints, barrel joints, multiple joints.

Chewable material

  • Some mouthpieces are not suitable for horses that chew – no guarantee is offered on wear
    and tear of these materials from

    being chewed.
    • Cable
    • Leather
    • Flexible Tubing
    • Bomber Blue

MAX 90kg

  • Bombers prides itself on striving to ensure the highest level of manufacturing and craftmanship. It is for that reason we have added a maximum weight rating of 90kgs on certain bit models, namely the barrel, Bomber Blue and cable mouthpieces.