Titanium Segundo – New Release!

The Titanium Segundo is a new variant of our Segundo mouthpiece.

The Segundo mouthpiece is traditionally designed to offer tongue relief, while keeping pressure on the bars.  Bombers Segundo is a little different.  We have angled the port so that it lies on the tongue.  This reduces the chance of the joints sitting incorrectly if the mouthpiece is not fitted perfectly.  It also spreads pressure out over a large surface area on the tongue, which softens the tongue pressure.   The Segundo works well with horses that are a combination of tongue and bar sensitive.  Ports have been scaled according to width, i.e. a smaller width will have a smaller port. This mouthpiece does create  squeeze on the bars due to the double break.

The Titanium material has been chosen as an alternative to the Sweet Iron material. Titanium has been chosen due to its lightweight, high-strength and low-corrosion rate structure.

Titanium has proved beneficial in multiple ways:

  • Hypoallergenic                                                                                                                                               Titanium is hypoallergenic and is useful when horses have a sensitivity to metal. Hypoallergenic is a term used to describe something that will avoid triggering an allergic reaction as the product contains fewer allergens. This metal has been chosen to allow horses that have had previous internal damage (such as mouth sores, ulcers, etc) to still be comfortable in a bit. Bomber often refers to Titanium as a “non-metal” material due to its diverse nature and wide acceptance from different type of horses. There have been cases where a horse will not completely settle in a Sweet Iron (our usual metal) bit but will settle in the Titanium version of the bit.
  • Light-weight
    The Titanium metal is lighter than the Sweet Iron metal. This has proved beneficial to horses that tend to be too light in the contact or come behind the vertical. The weight difference between the two metals, means a difference in the weight of the aid given. Due to the lightness of Titanium, the weight of the aid is lighter than that received by a Sweet Iron bit. This lightened aid carried over to the horse can allow the horse to take the contact forward and work into the contact, rather than coming behind it.
  • High strength and low corrosion rate
    Similar to the Sweet Iron metal, Titanium is a strong, durable metal that will not deteriorate quickly.
  • Oxidization
    Titanium oxidizes immediately when exposed to an environment with oxygen (this will be right after the production of the metal), this oxidization is what encourages salivation in a horse. This oxidization cannot be seen as with the Sweet Iron material.