What makes Bomber Bits different

A lot of care and thought have been put into the production of our bits. We have made several ergonomic adaptations and changes to ensure the comfort of our bits.

Some examples of our ergonomics are:

Offset Links

Bombers’ offset links prevent the snaffle from creating a large pressure point on the tongue like conventional snaffles.

Pictured above is a Bombers snaffle which does not create a large pressure point on the tongue due to the off-set center link that creates a smoother surface area on the tongue. Pictured below is a traditional snaffle which creates a large pressure point on the tongue as the center link extends downwards onto the tongue.


All bits are curved to follow the shape of the horses mouth. This curve also spreads pressure over a greater surface area, softening pressure applied.


Traditionally bits are 16mm plus thick, no matter the width.

Bombers offers a wider range of thickness to allow the bit to sit comfortably in a wider variety of horses mouths’.

The width and thickness correspond, the smaller the width (actual length) of the bit, the thinner the mouth piece.