UK-based Eventers Bubby Upton and Sam Ecroyd give us a sneak preview of the forthcoming Ported Pivot bit, from Bombers

The original Ported Barrell (pictured left in sweet iron, in a loose ring cheekpiece), is one of Bombers’ most popular bits, and the new Ported Pivot has been developed from this premise. Bubby Upton and Sam Ecroyd have been trying the prototype, and wax very lyrical about this bit, which has a central pivoting element that allows for a separation of rein aids, enabling a fine-tuning of communication.

The limited movement of the pivot allows the port to adjust to fit a wide range of mouth configurations. This bit is due to be launched in 2022 in all territories – so watch this space!

Bombers Ported Pivot

“I have used the new Bombers Ported Pivot on a number of different horses, in the eggbutt, the D-ring, and the 2.5 ring cheekpieces,” says eventer Bubby Upton, pictured right. “And I absolutely love it!

“The horses are going very well in this bit. They all feel amazing, and I think that they like the titanium material,” Bubby explains. “The Ported Pivot has really helped the horses that don’t like taking a contact, as it encourages them to be more still in their mouth. So I love it and to be honest, it’s probably now my go-to bit.”

Eventer Sam Ecroyd, left, also loves the new Ported Pivot. “I have found it very nice for dressage work because of that sort of slight movement that the central element gives you.

“It just helps with the little nuances that you do in dressage, and allows some slight, little movements.

“I  do really like the solid feel of the of the more solid mouthpieces, but sometimes you just want a tiny little bit of flexion, or a little bit of forgiveness in the movements you do, and the Ported Pivot makes all those a little softer, which is nice for the flatwork,” he adds.

Bombers Eggbutt Happy Tongue

Bubby is also a big fan of the Bombers Eggbutt Happy Tongue in titanium (right), for one of her top rides, Cola.

“It’s completely transformed him – any other bit that I formerly used would rub him raw.

“Colas has these big cheeks inside his mouth; very fleshy cheeks. So the happy tongue titanium mouthpiece in both the 2.5 ring and the eggbutt has been revolutionary, to be honest.

“It’s the only bit that I’ve ever been able to put him in that hasn’t rubbed his mouth, so it’s made me feel so much happier,” Bubby continues.

“It’s made him much happier knowing that I’m not going to get off and he’s going to have a rubbed mouth.

“It’s been incredible, and it’s allowed us to make massive steps forward in our training as well, because he’s not avoiding the contact anymore, now comfortable in his mouth.”

Bubby is also a fan of the Bombers Loose Ring McHardy in titanium. (Pictured left in sweet iron). “I have found it to be so good on one of my new horses that has a tendency to be quite ‘downhill’. It’s really helped him draw his contact a bit more up and forward.

“So those are currently my three favourite mouthpieces, and I pretty much use them on all of my horses,” Bubby concludes.

Photos of Bubby by Adam Fanthorpe.
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