Meet Equiport – UK Bombers retailer and showjumping specialist

Bombers is proud to work with a range of excellent retailers across the globe. One of the UK’s most well-established brands is Equiport. Established for over 25 years, the company proudly offers the most innovative brands to customers, keeping their fingers on the pulse of equestrian industry trends, to offer our customers the best.

“That’s why Bombers is the perfect brand for us to stock,” explains Equiport’s Director, Ashley Gaynon. “We’ve been working with Bombers wholesaler Equine Management for over 10 years now, to offer our customers the best selection of Bombers bits.

“The extensive range and scientific methodology behind the anatomical shaping of the bits immediately stood out to us,” Ashley continues. “We like to stock products that are a little bit different, and appeal to a specialist market.”

The Equiport team agrees that a happy horse also key to their brand ethos; “We all want our horses to be happy athletes. The Bombers range includes and utilises innovative blue sweet iron, to create a pleasant taste and which warms quickly in the horse’s mouth – a top tip is that our horses definitely appreciate this on the colder mornings,” Ashley adds.

According to Ashley, in the equestrian world, it’s never one size fits all. “And thanks to the vast selection of Bombers bits, we know that our customers will always find the right combination for them,” she says.

Equiport has a strong following from professionals and serious amateurs in all disciplines, but especially among show jumpers.

The company started with strong links to the show jumping world, and that has only grown over the years. “Bombers bits are highly valued in the show jumping community as a way to find a bitting solution for even the trickiest horse – and we all know that they’re also often the most talented; so well worth persevering with!” Ashley continues.

Equiport’s top 5 best selling Bombers bits:

1. Happy Tongue Loose Ring

Our go-to bit for horses with sensitive tongues, and equally popular across all equestrian disciplines, we love the unique shaping of the Happy Tongue mouthpiece. Horses always seem to appreciate the anatomic medium port, which allows more tongue space than any other bit we’ve come across.

Our customers report immediate improvement in horses that previously put their tongue over the bit, indicating improved comfort for the horse.

2. Happy Tongue Pelham

A real customer favourite for the strong yet sensitive show jumper, this bit offers all the equine comfort of the Happy Tongue combined with the Pelham cheeks for extra leverage.

As it provides a similar action to a double bridle but allows the use of only one rein when roundings are added, it is a great choice for showjumping and event riders who want to avoid having two reins to manage. The 55mm shanks (pictured) make it a sensible length for an effective, but not overly extreme, action.

3. Waterford 2.5 Ring

For horses that have a tendency to put their heads down and lean, the Waterford is often an effective choice. The multiple links keep the bit flexible in the horse’s mouth, so there is nothing rigid to latch onto and lean on, while the blue sweet iron encourages further softening.

We love the elongated sides of the mouthpiece too, as they help to prevent pinching.
The 2.5 Ring cheeks offer a choice of action depending on how the reins are attached, making it a versatile solution for the onward bound horse.

4. Lock-Up Loose Ring

Another bit that spans the dressage and show jumping disciplines is the Lock-Up Loose Ring. The clever design features a locking centre joint to remove the nutcracker effect of a conventional single-jointed snaffle mouthpiece, thus placing less pressure on the bars of the mouth. As the mouthpiece cannot bend beyond a certain point, it retains a curved position in the horse’s mouth. It is a super choice for horses that are sensitive to traditional snaffles but don’t require anything stronger.

5. Bombers Blue 2.5 Ring

Synthetic bits have also been popular in the show jumping market, and one of our best-selling Bombers styles features this lightweight ported mouthpiece.

The rubber nylon compound is brilliant for horses that dislike traditional metal bits, while the anatomic shape reduces tongue pressure, so it’s a great option for the more sensitive horse.

Meanwhile, the mild gag action provided by the 2.5 ring cheeks offers a little extra leverage when riding a keen horse around a technical course of fences.

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