The yearlings often have trouble with balance and direction. Bombers reccomend to start with a Ported Pivot T-Bar Loose Ring. This bit combination allows for tongue relief while the cheekpiece assists in turning aids.

Mouthpiece - Ported Pivot

The first bit is an important part of a young horse’s education.  It is difficult to guess what kind of pressure they will be happy with, so our suggestion is to start with absolutely the softest option. 

The Ported Pivot allows space for the tongue to sit comfortably without creating a pressure point. The mouthpiece is curved to soften pressure on the bars. This mouthpiece is connected by a pivot joint in the center of the mouthpiece which allows for independent later aids. This independence of aids is very important when giving a youngster a good foundation. These aids will assist in building the correct foundation of finding their balance, as well as turning. 

Cheekpiece - T-bar Loose Ring

This cheekpiece will help to back up the turning aids, and still give a fast release from pressure. The T-Bar will sit flush against the cheek, preventing the bit from being pulled through the horses mouth. It will also apply some pressure against the horses cheeks to assist in turning aids. The Loose Ring is Bomber’s favorite cheekpiece as it has a quick pressure release. This quick release from pressure is rewarding to the youngster and will encourage quicker acceptance of the bit.